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  • Mendeley Desktop: Linux Version

    Mendeley Desktop: Linux Version

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    In the first day of this semester, a lecturer showed us a useful app: Mendeley. The name reminded me to something. I just remembered about library collection numbering system. But no, it’s Dewey system actually (I googled it just now). Or perhaps it’s more similar to a name of something…

  • Getting used to DVORAK keyboard

    Getting used to DVORAK keyboard

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    Since the last ten or eleven days, I’m getting used to DVORAK keyboard layout. It’s triggered by an interesting fact about QWERTY keyboard I found in the book Awaken the Giant Within : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!. The author states that…

  • A Little Issue when Installing Spotify

    A Little Issue when Installing Spotify

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    Lately, when I was booting up to Windows, Spotify just got installed and a quite serious damage got occurred. I installed it as Groove Music suggested me to do so when I opened it and found some new changes, since Microsoft would stop their music streaming service by the end…

  • Installing Openshift Origin on DigitalOcean Droplet

    Installing Openshift Origin on DigitalOcean Droplet

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    Lately I wondered why my websites as well as the backend for my app (also available for Android) were so slow that the app was hardly usable. By wondering, I mean, I did’t get it, what’s happened in the underlying service, Openshift Online Starter v3. Actually I knew the cause,…

  • Removing Expiration Date of Oracle Express Database

    Removing Expiration Date of Oracle Express Database

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    I currently work on a project that uses Oracle database. For the local development, I installed Oracle Express with Docker. I’ve found a handy docker file of Oracle Database Express Edition 11g published by wnameless in Github or in the official page in Docker Hub. It’s so easy to use, that I…

  • Oh-my-zsh, Tmux, Vim Configuration

    Oh-my-zsh, Tmux, Vim Configuration

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    This time, I want to share my dotfiles of my new toys: zsh, tmux and vim at once. I’ve  found out what’s tmux actually, a couple of days ago by asking to a Telegram channel, @vimid. It’s “terminal multiplexer”, some kind of, it can break your single terminal session into multiple…

  • Farewell OpenShift 2

    Farewell OpenShift 2

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    It’s 3 days after the End of Life of OpenShift 2. As I posted earlier about the notice, I had migrated my little app to its next generation: OpenShift Online 3. My app is the basis of my personal website and the backend of my Android app. So it’s kind of…

  • KDE Plasma meets new dock

    KDE Plasma meets new dock

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    A few days earlier, I wanted a fresh look for my Plasma desktop, and I want a macOS-like interface. So, I googled for “dock” app for latest Plasma version. And eventually I ended up to choose Latte-Dock plasma widget. The last chance I customized KDE to resemble macOS look, I…

  • Sepertinya Perlu Mencoba openSUSE

    Sepertinya Perlu Mencoba openSUSE

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    Setidaknya ada 3 atau 4 perusahaan pengembang sistem operasi berbasis Linux yang saya ketahui: Canonical, Red Hat, Novell, Mandriva. Saya sudah pernah atau sedang menggunakan sistem operasi buatan tiga vendor dari empat itu. Tinggal satu yang belum pernah saya cicip, yaitu OpenSUSE besutan Novell dan sekarang dipisah menjadi SUSE Linux…

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