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Farewell OpenShift 2

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It’s 3 days after the End of Life of OpenShift 2. As I posted earlier about the notice, I had migrated my little app to its next generation: OpenShift Online 3. My app is the basis of my personal website and the backend of my Android app. So it’s kind of a must for me to migrate it as soon as possible. And actually I did it successfully last week.

As I deploy it by Git, I still have the source repository. So, I don’t care of the deployed one on the OpenShift. But, once I received an email from OpenShift about the “one time exception” to allow me to backup the data even after its end of life, I think it’s worth trying. LOL

OpenShift 2 free plan gives customer 3 free ‘gears’ to run, with minimum resources of course. But those 3 resource-limited gears are more than sufficient to live up my websites. I use them for a WordPress blog, a Ghost blog, and a Laravel app respectively. The first two are not so functional, as they are just like internet junks. But the latter, actually it’s very important for me, since my personal website ( and the backend for my Android app (Hafal Quran) rely on it.

Fortunately, I have tried configuring a newer OpenShift 3 recently. And it has a refined CLI tool that quite different than OpenShift 2. I personally so thankful for the company behind it who has provided me a “free” deployment server for a couple of years.

It’s a kind of fact that there are so many poor developers who cannot afford even the cheapest VPS or PaaS for their not-so-popular webapps, including me. Thank you OpenShift Online 2, we will miss you. Auf Wiedersehen!

openshift 2 shut down email notification

I just followed the guide from the attached link. Then a few moments after I typed rhc snapshot save php, I got my deployed source of the app, including error logs of Nginx and PHP.


And now I feel so relieve of the data –if it will be deleted forever. Farewell, my –prior– app.

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